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I'm an engineer from who is passionate about building scalable and creating effective software solutions.

Apart from that I have affinity towards addressing real world problems using tech. Also over a period I have developed interest in the field of devops and development. The thing I believe which sets me apart from the rest is the dynamic approach towards work.


LinuxWorld Informatics Jaipur

April 2020 - Present | DevOps Intern

Underwent training on devOps in order to build an automated end to end solution for a product. Worked with monitoring tools, CI/CD, testing, docker, kubernetes and openshift.

TechVedika, Hyderabad

May 2019 - June 2019 | SDE Intern

Developed a flask API to detect license plate characters. Performed connected component analysis and applied machine learning algorithm to test the component.

Startups Club Young Pioneers, Vellore

August 2017 - May 2018 | Campus Consultant

Led operations and promotions for conducting workshops to spread awareness about entrepreneurship among students in VIT. Organized India's biggest startup event "Demo Day" with my team.


Glaucoma Detection

Used python along with the Open-CV library to implement a self designed algorithm to calculate the ratio of cup and disk. The real time retinal images were used to calculate the ratio.

Implemented standard classifiers to classify the glaucomatous and non glaucomatous eye based on the ratio and analysed performance.

Source Code

Dev Connect

A fullstack - MERN stack application for developers to connect to with each other. Uses JWT for authentication and Mongo DB as a backend. On the frontend, React.js along with state management library Redux was used.

Source Code

Video Games Sales Analysis

Used map-reduce programming model to implement complex queries on a large dataset. Also analysed the performance of various regression techniques.

Performed data cleaning and data analysis using visualization tools.Then analysed the performance of various regression techniques for proediction of global sales of video games.


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